Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Hello Sweet Stampers,

I'm here to kick your bum into entering our DT call!  I know there are lots of you out there who maybe look & think 'oh I couldn't do that'  & the old classic 'my cards aren't good enough!'  Well humph is what I say to that! We've all been there & are always so shocked when others see the beauty in our cards....but as someone who sees your cards on a regular basis ladies (& men) let me tell you that your cards are awesome.

So now we've settled that, do you have the time?  Well as we all know that's a whole other issue!  Here's a few tips from me to maximise your time opportunities:

Familiarise your children (& pets!) with the numbers of the local fast food delivery services, this cuts down on time spent in the kitchen.

Neatly fold your washing & allow it to pile up.  Eventually the weight of it will 'press' the clothes at the bottom of the pile & you can just pull out & wear.  Genius!

Don't worry about the dust, trust me when I tell you it doesn't get any worse after the first 3 years lol!

Right so now I've got rid of your time problems too.

The big question remains:  can you work with the most fabulous bunch of girlies (and me)?  We promise not to bite, we will help you out when the necessity arises & we won't make you write tutorials or do your own challenge blog posts, you obviously need to do your own blog post (I'm good but not that good!).  Just get your cards in on time every other week (a list of challenges is given in advance) & make some sweet comments to our entries.  That's it.  In return you will receive free images from sponsors on occasions, have fun & make new friends

Get your entries in either by entering our challenge & adding DT after your name or drop us an e.mail to the address in the sidebar.  Love to hear from you.

♥ Love from the Sweet Stampin DT ♥

P.S.  I would just like to confirm that no children have been fed junk food, sent to school in creased clothes or choked on excess dust during the writing of this post!!!


Shanna Shands said...

I love this. I will post the DT Call on my post I did this morning to help spread the news. I know I applied and I really hope I make it!

mixamatoasties said...


That could have been me writing that post, that's exactly how I view housework ;)

Susan xxx

Tracey T said...

Who's been telling you my housekeeping secrets? xx

Star said...

LOL!!! Ok, well obviously this would be a fun and fantastic DT to join! =D

Annette said...

How about this one - let the pets lick the dinner plates when you've finished your meal. This 'washes' the plates and feeds the pets at the same time !!! ;0)

An Occasional Genius said...

Netty, you're a genius! Does it work with small children though as I have no pets....Or maybe hubby when he's in the 'dog' house lol!

Claire said...

I loved reading this - just brilliant. Pity I had to leave in the first place, but it was an issue to time!!!!! Hugs, Claire x

alethea said...

This is hilarious and ounds jut like my house already!!! LOL!! i think I might just try out for the DT!! Sounds like lots of fun!! Hugsxx

Annette said...

Abi, if you need any animals I can lend you some of mine, but I actually prefer you comment about the hubby in the doghouse !!!

xxxtglxxx said...

LOL Abi!! :D