Sunday, 2 April 2017

Top 3 - Occupations

Well it seems that 'occupations' was not a theme you found easy!  

Well done to those that did have a go at it, wonderful entries and as there were just a few of you, we're handing you all the Top 3 badge so grab the code & pop it on your blog.

We've got a theme of travel this week, i'm sure you'll find that one much easier!  We look forward to seeing your creations & remember, they don't have to be cards but they do have to have stamping on.

♥ Love from the Sweet Stampin DT ♥


Jane Willis said...

Ooops, I'm sorry I didn't join in - I somehow missed this challenge completely! I must have been half asleep on the day it was posted. I've smacked my wrist and told myself to pay more attention in future!

An Occasional Genius said...

Hee hee Jane, you get a must try harder on your report do you?! We're so glad you're a regular fan & i'm just checking out this week's entry! xx